We are nothing more than a group of aspiring musicians who have decided to try and bring all of the others out there like us together. We accept talent from all ages, experience levels, and genres. This is an open forum where people can come completely without judgement and can just be themselves, feeling free to express whatever they would like. Whether that be happiness, sadness, anger, or excitement,  we want to encourage as many different genuine emotions to come out as possible.

Our Hiatus

As we have mentioned, we unfortunately had to shut down our sessions in the past because of the horrible condition our building was in. At any given day we were ready for the entire roof to collapse and it got to the point where we simply couldn’t let it go on any further.

After months of reaching out to sponsors and people who supported what we were trying to do, we were finally comfortable enough to begin the renovation process and it has turned into something better than we could have ever imagined. Instead of just fixing up the roof a little bit, we were able to completely renovate the entire building and it really is going to make this whole thing something that we only could have dreamed of many years ago when we started holding these events.

Now that we are in the final processes of the work being done, it is time to start getting exciting and getting your performances together because it is only a matter of time before we are completely back up and running!

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