guitarsFor anyone out there who has been a part of our Roof Top sessions before, you know what kind of state our stage was in. For those of you who are new to us then let us fill you in, it was bad.

We worked with what we had and wore out our stage for as long as we could but it finally gave in to the point where it was unusable. This is the reason for our recent hiatus with our sessions but those days are fortunately coming to an end! We have remodeled and hired some of the best work that we could find to make sure we never have to get to this point again. We have revamped our entire building, from the basement to the roof and you are going to love what we have done!

The Roof

Needless to say, our area for our roof top sessions was in abysmal shape. Towards the end of our performances there were times where we were afraid the roof was going to collapse and send us all to our gloomy dooms. Fortunately, we were able to gather enough money from your support and other sponsors to completely renovate our entire building and is about to be better than we could have ever hoped for!

More thank you’s are in order for the following groups; we could not have done it without them:

Dillons Roofing – Affordable Roofers of Tulsa A combination of their helping hand gave our other teams the inventory and gear they needed to make sure our building is on track and will be back up and running on schedule!

Roto-Rooter – Affordable & Quality Plumbing A very respectable company that helped make sure everything that we couldn’t see was in shape and ready to go!

We promise that you are going to love what we have done to our new place and this is only the beginning. We cannot wait to show you the work we have done but we have decided to wait until it is completely finished before our big reveal. Please be patient though because anyone who has dealt with construction knows how delays are absolutely inevitable with any project. But we have finally gotten to the point where we are comfortable with at least letting you know that this is absolutely happening and it is only a matter of time before we are back jamming together with some of the most talented musicians that the area has to offer!

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